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About Me

I started off being born in Birmingham, with an Irish mother and a Maltese father.
I have been living in and around the south coast of England for the last thirteen years. I started my musical journey after a turning point in my life, the only thing
that made sense in the world was music. For ages I wanted to play guitar, after
travelling around the Middle East with everything I owned on my back, one of the
ways of moving from town to town was by playing an instrument and busking.
Originally the idea was to learn a few songs to make enough money for food and simple things, to get from place to place, I figured if I busked then whatever happened in life at least I could earn my dinner.

I started with three well known song and repeatedly played them until I was blue in the face (and everyone else was definitely blue I the face!) I found that it was easier for me to write my own songs than to learn and sing somebody else's.

As these songs were shared, I began to realise the impact it made on people. When you write a song that makes a complete stranger cry in a releasing kind of way, it's quite an experience and tells you something. Inspired by the
compliments and feedback of passers by (for which I am eternally grateful)) I carried on. I took a chance and decided that I would accept no money unless it
was connected from my music, if the most precious thing we truly have is time, then why spend that precious time doing things that you don't like. In other words, I made music my life.

Music has been my cushion, my friend and saviour. Let music save the day. Because I decided to make music my living, I had to refine my skills and strengthen my voice, when you busk in busy street if you don't get heard, you don't get paid, if you don't get paid, you don't get fed (having to sing louder than a bus or a truck that has decided to park right in front of you with its engine left running and cars going by tends to exercise your vocals!)

With its perks of all the pleasures of spring and summer, birds singing and the meeting of some amazing people along the way, it's a good way to spend the day at work However, playing in a rainy, empty street in the middle of
January with out being able to play with gloves on, and a few other things I could bore you with, like anything else it has its ups and downs..

Now, I have learnt how to play in different environments, from the street to the stage to the hotel restaurant to camp fires. (camp fires are the best!!) I have been honoured enough to play at a few weddings and unfortunately a few funerals I have played from the tops of hills, through woods and rivers from churches to temples and ancient sites, hitchhiking in the back of lorries, on the decks of boats, all sorts. Who knows where the music will take me. Gotta keep livin' the dream.

My inspiration comes from life and to me one of the most magical and amazing gifts is love, (sometimes good, sometimes not so good) So, I guess most of my songs are of a romantic nature. They are all felt as well as sung. A song can capture special moments in life which help us remember them when we hear the song later on. It would be nice to think that I could make a song that would fit a memory and that could bring some kind of pleasure to the world (what a nice thought), something that could remain even if I've passed on. This is what inspires me. There are some things that can never be captured by words,
but feelings are the key.

My mission, who knows, I guess it is to share my music with as many souls as possible. There have been times in my life where I' ve felt a bit lost, a bit
tripped out ,lonely, lost, heartbroken; you know the score. Music has been there for me and I would like to create something that would do the same for someone else. Music has a way of reaching you. There are no walls, it goes straight to the heart, you either like it or you don't. Whatever your language, religion, origin, cult, planet blah, blah, blah, it is a universal language It is a blessed gift. .It tells us that we are not alone when we think we are and that whatever you are going through has been gone through before Sorry for getting a bit deep here! It's just the way I am! Any way I guess my inspiration comes from an emotional perspective, touching on feelings and thoughts from life. ( Why didn't I just say that!)

"I enjoy playing the most when there is a strong connection between me
playing and the listener. There's a place where the musician and listener connect - where they are travelling the same journey through music"

I feel that there are a lot more things that I could go into, but it is the music that is important. I thank you for showing interest and for sharing your time by reading this. I hope you enjoy my music and wish you all the very best.

Best Wishes,